Gridlock #Dover

Just a quick message that we are aware of the issues around Dover (how could we not be!) and are working hard to ensure that no call is missed. Please bear with us as we try to get caregivers from one side of Dover to another. We are re-routing wherever possible and have contacted all caregivers who may be affected, to ask them to keep in contact throughout this period.

We are very proud of our track-record in not missing calls, but please be patient as it is likely staff will be later than planned, in and around the Dover & Whitfield area. If we know this is the case for you, or your loved one, we will contact you to let you know your caregiver is running late.

This video was taken at approximately 6am this morning, and shows you the state of the roads in Dover at the moment. Please note, these vehicles are not waiting at the traffic lights, they are parked:






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