Existing Customers – Change to T&Cs

Dear Customer,

Re: Update to your Service Agreement terms and conditions

The care sector has changed considerably since we started Inchwater and certainly in the past year we have noticed new legislation, ways of working and policies that we have had to adapt our service to.

We intend to update our terms and conditions of service, which may affect your current Service Agreement with us. We are doing this to ensure we remain in line with current legislation and anticipated future legislation.

We are also doing this so that we can offer our caregivers better contracts, that guarantee their hours of work. We hope that by making these changes, we will maintain our position as an outstanding employer and provide job security for our caregivers.

Most of our clients will be unaffected by the proposed changes, however we wish to ensure you are fully aware of the changes prior to implementation.

Changes that may affect your current Service Agreement:

Page 1: change to mileage charge, from 40p per mile to 50p per mile, as per our advertised 2019/2020 rates. What does this mean? If you require your caregiver to take you out in their car, you will now be charged 50p per mile. This is in line with the charges you were advised of in October and December.

Page 2: ‘Termination/Suspension of Services’, Section 2: change to include cancellation of individual service visits as ‘suspension’, requiring seven days’ notice. What does this mean? To cancel individual visits, we now ask for seven days’ notice. This also reduces the amount of time required of you to terminate your service from fourteen days to seven.

This update is due to come into force on March 1st 2020. If you continue to use our services after March 1st, you agree to be bound by the revised terms. If you do not agree with the changes, we would ask you to notify us you wish to cancel your contract no later than February 14th 2020.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Watts
Managing Director






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