New additions to the Dover Team

Congratulations to our newest Carevivers who have just completed their induction training. Sheila, Elaine, Gwen and Vanessa have undergone a comprehensive training programme that includes First Aid, Health and Safety, Fire Safety, Medication Awareness, Food Hygiene and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults. Training is delivered by Maddie Watts, a qualified Occupational Therapist and Paul Watts, a Social Worker, who ensure that content is presented from a very practical viewpoint, using past and current experiences of the workplace to underpin taught theory.

Maddie, Care Manager at Inchwater Home Care said, “Our induction programme provides Caregivers with the understanding they need in order to carry out their duties efficiently and safely. This, combined with their innate compassion and insight to the clients’ needs, mean they are best placed to provide the highest standard of care.”

Caregiver induction training is demanding, with modules being run over three days, and is just the start of a Caregivers training schedule.

Paul, Owner of Inchwater Home Care, explains, “We have an expectation of Caregivers that they will commit to keeping their skills current. In practice this means we run Level 2 NCFE courses several times a month that Caregivers can use to learn new skills, or update previous knowledge. As a Quality Assured Training Centre, our office is able to offer Level 2 Certification in subjects such as Safeguarding, Medication and Moving and Handling. Our new NCFE Accredited Dementia Awareness Level 2 Certificate is a superb course that Caregivers are encouraged to take as it enables them to meet the challenge of working with someone with a dementia, with the right ‘tools’ and knowledge”.