Music 4 Wellbeing at Age UK Canterbury

Boosting your brain the musical way at Age UK

Do you know someone with dementia who might enjoy a morning’s singing?  Songbirds are visiting Age UK in Canterbury on Saturday 8th August for a morning singalong… they would be vary happy for you to join them!  Contact Judy Ayris at Age UK Canterbury on 01227 462368.

Music 4 Wellbeing
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Music4Wellbeing describe themselves as “…a network of community musicians and therapeutic practitioners committed to improving the quality of life and learning for all who join in our workshops and learning programmes”. They work on the premise that music and singing have very beneficial social, emotional and therapeutic effect.

According to Music4Wellbeing, singing improves:

  • physical wellbeing
  • emotional self-expression
  • confidence

and enhances social communication. It also allows the person with dementia a “…platform for positive social interaction and making new friends”.
Dr Trish Vella, one of the directors of Music4Wellbeing, is one of our favourite people who has researched and helped develop the M4WB programme – we hope you join us as we know it will be an excellent morning.

We look forward to seeing you there!