A week of dementia awareness

Dover High St dementia awarenessHighlighting Dementia Awareness Week, we had an excellent time in Dover High Street with Emily Barnes, Cllr Ben Bano, Keith Langford from HI Kent and Liz Frost from Carer’s Support. This event highlights the excellent work the Dover and Deal Demntia Action Alliance does in supporting those with dementia, and their carer’s, in the community.  Thank-you all for your contributions… right up until the time rain stopped play at midday!



Gemma and Emily on the day - Deal High St dementia awareness

The second stall for Dementia Awareness Week was in Deal High St outside M&S, where Emily and Sue Beer pitched the table and made everyone feel welcome.  Pictured here are Gemma Cranthorne, Dementia Outreach, and Emily Barnes, Project Officer for Dementia Friendly Deal.  An excellent time, providing information and giving our ‘dementia doughnuts’ to anyone who looked peckish!

We ran three Dementia Friends sessions at Deal Centre for the Retired and had approximately 30 people attend.  We were supported by Liz from Alzheimer’s Society and Collette from Carer’s Support – many thanks to you too.


Dementia Awareness Week aims to bring the often taboo subject of dementia to the forefront of people’s minds.  The stigma of mental health problems ensures many people would rather not talk about memory loss, confusion or lapses in concentration.  However, with a little knowledge and with the right support, most people would benefit from increased dementia awareness.

There are many organisation in the community who are able to provide information – Deal Centre and Carer’s Support are just two – clearly, we are another and all of us are able to support you or your family to find the most appropriate way forward.   If you would benefit from a short dementia awareness workshop, we run these regularly in Deal, Canterbury and surrounding areas. Contact us today to discuss how we might be able to help – there is no obligation and we would love to hear from you!