Dementia Awareness sucess for Shepway Lifeline

A series of Dementia Awareness workshops for Shepway Lifeline has proven to be a great success.

Almost thirty members of staff took part in a course designed to promote Dementia Awareness and increase the individual’s understanding of dementia. The half-day course included sessions on understanding what dementia is, common symptoms and techniques that can be used to manage behaviour.

Shepway Lifeline provides telecare solutions for Shepway and East Kent areas. Many people who live alone choose to have an alarm system so that they can summon assistance should they require it. These systems are now referred to as telecare and there is a large choice of systems available including pendants which dial, via a telephone line, directly to Lifeline’s 24-hour monitoring centre.

Feedback for the course received includes comments such as

  • “Everything was clear”
  • “examples were used perfectly”
  • “thought provoking”
  • “answered many questions”
  • Led by dementia trainer Paul Watts, the courses formed part of Inchwater Home Care’s drive to make sure dementia is understood by the wider community; “These courses are part of our efforts to make sure the community is aware of dementia and where to go for help should they need it. Providing the best care for the client should be the priority for all organisations that work with vulnerable people and their carers, regardless of whether they are private, voluntary or public sector. Inchwater Home Care are leading efforts to engage with other services”.